The Role and Functions of the Public Councils

The Role and Functions of the Public Councils

The Public Councils that are organized by the Omnis 21 project are not supposed to be governing bodies in the way that most people understand or interpret “governance”.

The main role of the Councils is to be a framework where people can gather and try to find solutions for the various issues and challenges that society is yet to successfully address.

As such, the Public Councils serve as forums and summits that “regular” people organize and attend. These are somewhat to be regarded as alternatives for the more popularized fora and summits, like the UN for instance.

It is important that the Public Councils, following the Omnis 21 philosophy, remain fully detached from the 20th century governance system(s). This must assure, as much as possible, an independence from for instance political bias.

Since the Public Councils are first and foremost forums it are, thus, also venues that will eventually reach points in their existences where they will have to present multiple suggestions for the solutions that people are searching for, in order to get to the Next Society.

The Councils are not government bodies as people look at government in today’s society. They should exist especially locally (town, city) and supra-locally as venues where people formulate options for society. Options that contribute to the implementation of the philosophy of the Next Society. Based on Truth, liberty, justice and a greater understanding of the individual’s (spiritual) self-being.

In short. The Public Councils are meant to be(come) venues:

  • Where people gather and find solutions outside of the 20th century control system(s)
  • That serve as deliverers of status reports relevant to their specific missions