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Through the Postal Services of Your Town or City – #MailTheFuture

The Omnis 21 website and online awareness campaigns are just a fraction of the real-world phenomenon that our project and organization are becoming.

To symbolize the physical work that it requires to build The Next Society and to maximize the reach and potential of Omnis 21 we now invite you to flood your local post office with supportive mail addressed to the Omnis 21 organization.


Do you have great ideas that can contribute to the creation of the Next Society?

Do you want to take part in one of the Public Councils that we are establishing?

Would you like to send us your suggestions or questions?


Then right now is the perfect time to write it all down, or print it all out, and send it our way. Using your local post office’s services not only helps us make Omnis 21 a tangible reality it also helps us with expanding the number of people that become aware of Omnis 21.


Did you know that a single envelope or post card that you send through the postal services increases the awareness about Omnis 21 by at least 300%?

That’s right, for every envelope, postcard or package that you send to Omnis 21 at least 3 persons, that you would otherwise likely never reach at all, become more aware about Omnis 21 – about our Next Society project and our organization.

The math is simple.

When you hand-deliver your Omnis 21 envelope, postcard or package to your local post office the worker there will notice and recognize it and get familiar with Omnis 21. That’s one person, or 100%.

Your envelope, postcard or package then gets handled manually by at least one person who is working at one of the sorting centers, where it gets noticed and recognized once more. That’s another person or another 100%.

Eventually your post item gets hand-delivered to our address, here at Omnis 21, by the mailman. He or she now also notices and recognizes your Omnis 21 envelope, postcard or package. That’s yet another person or another 100% increase in awareness for Omnis 21.

Remember, we say at least 300% because in reality the chances are very real that far more people working for the postal services get to actually see your envelope, postcard or package individually.

So, get yourself an envelope, a piece of paper and get over to the nearest post office ASAP. Help us make The Next Society a reality. All it costs you is the price of a postage stamp!


Here’s How it Works

Take your envelope, postcard or package and write the address of Omnis 21. Next, write “#OMNIS21” and “THE NEXT SOCIETY“, on the front, in the top left-hand corner of the envelope. See the image below for an example.

The address of Omnis 21 is:


attn. Koen Jacobs

Santa Rosa, Olango, Lapu-Lapu, Cebu

6015 Philippines